I feel so grateful for all the wonderful experiences and clever wisdom I am able to share in through my work. My interactions with animals and their human companions are endlessly rewarding. Even more so, the humility and the appreciation I have received from you, has lifted me up and nearly overwhelmed me. It is truly sublime, and I thank you. ~Kali

"The sweetest sound of all is praise." ~ Xenophon

What can I say about Kali?? NOT ENOUGH!!!!

ld_jerseyI admit - I was a little suspect about the communication with animals at first.  I always knew there were "those people" who just had a way with animals - but to actually communicate with them???  That was until I enlisted Kali to help me with my Dutch Warmblood mare "Unexpected" and my riding.

Kali knew nothing about me or my mare the first time we met, and within the first five minutes, she had me in tears because everything she said was true!!!!  My horse had a world of things she was trying to tell me that I couldn't understand.  Kali knew immediately what she was saying and could translate it into something I could understand.  After an hour with Kali, myself, and my horse, we had a new game plan to our program.  We covered everything from diet, to tack, to turn-out preferences.  And my mare has never been happier or more successful!!!  Just little things, such as moving my saddle back has made a HUGE difference in my horse's performance and attitude.  I could go on forever with everything Kali has taught me and helped me to understand.

Kali also has a wonderful gift of Energy Healing.  I swear her hands are magical!  To see my mare melt every time Kali works on her is AWESOME!! My horse works so hard to be such a competitive athlete, so this is the least I can do for her.  She deserves the best - and Kali is the best!!!!  I cannot say enough great things about Kali - but probably the most influential thing I can say is that I am no longer skeptical!!!

I am a believer!!!

L.D. & Jersey

Thank you so much for helping solve so many mysteries in our animals throughout the years.  You have brought us closer together, with a higher quality of life.

Recently, I was especially struck with your help in alerting us to a problem with a young foal, less than a month old.  This particular filly was born in Germany and although I had not seen her yet in person, I commented that she just didn't seem right in the photos. You immediately responded that C-1 and C-2 were out of alignment, likely as a result of the birthing process, as her dam described.  Shortly thereafter, when I was in Germany, I asked that a chiropractor see her, as you recommended.  Sure enough C-1 and C-2 were out and I was overjoyed to see the instant improvement in the filly after the adjustment. Her entire personality virtually changed overnight, as did the quality of her movement.

Thank you!

Dear Kali,

"Thank you for saving my life" ~ Stormy

stormyWe would like to send our sincerest thanks to Kali for her intuition, medical knowledge, and loving support when our beloved horse, Stormy, ended up in the ICU several months ago. Stormy is a 24 year old white Arabian. The veterinarians were struggling to find the cause of Stormy's pain and believed it was a form of colic. Luckily, a close friend recommended we talk with Kali and have her ask Stormy what was wrong. She immediately knew he had ulcers. After this news, the vet scoped his stomach and found 4 large and 7 small ulcers. We were so relieved to finally know what was causing Stormy's pain. Kali suggested trying some natural remedies, as well as changes in his diet. After several months of being on rolled oats, hay cubes, and Aloe Vera, Stormy is healthier than ever. When we asked her what caused his ulcers, she explained that the sweet feed and senior diet were too rich for him, especially since he is an Arab.

Kali is an incredible medium who can give insight into our beloved animal's feelings and thoughts. Kali has also taught me how to better communicate with Stormy.

Without Kali's intuition and knowledge, Stormy would likely still be in pain from his ulcers and possibly worse. Stormy credits her for "saving his life." We are so very grateful and can never thank her enough.

Sincerest Thanks,

Stormy & Seychelle

Dear Kali,

beanBean and I would like to send you our deepest gratitude! I know she's been trying to communicate with me for years but I just can't (couldn't) hear her. Now that I have a clearer idea of what she is trying to help me with, it validates the feelings I've had and helps me tune into her a bit easier. We are both so relieved, especially Bean, who can finally be heard!

Many Thanks!


Bean & Becky


I just wanted to thank you for helping me and Scruff out. She is feeling so much better. I truly appreciate your help! Thank you again and Happy Fall Season!


My session with Kali was nothing short of astounding. I sought out her counsel when it became clear that our elderly greyhound, Ice Man, had begun his transition out of this life. Having used other animal communicators before, I was prepared for a typical session of practical question and answers about how we could make him most comfortable. I also wanted to learn if he had any requests.

But, I knew I was in for something entirely different when Kali's first message from Ice came through: "I'm not interested in talking about my pain. I only want to focus on emotional and spiritual topics." Well, then, I wasn't prepared for that! But, wanting to honor his request, I threw out my list of questions and went with the flow.

Smiling-IceWhat came next was an hour I'll never forget and will always be grateful for. Through Kali, Ice imparted spiritual lesson after spiritual lesson, opening our eyes to some of the greater truths of life we had been missing. Perhaps most shocking was Ice's remark that he had helped bring my husband, Greg, and I together, working with him to prepare him beforehand, and assisting with me in my work as a love coach, ever since!

What I discovered bended by mind and stretched the limits of my imagination. So much so that I knew there was no way Kali could be making it up! It was just laid bare in front of us, Truth. But not just in principles, Ice also imparted much practical advice, giving my husband and I specific health suggestions and important relationship instructions. He even shed light on what Greg's true mission is during this lifetime!

Finally, Ice relented and let us know some things we could do to improve his condition, but mostly, he selflessly wanted to help us gain important insight into how to improve our lives! And to let us know that we could call on him for assistance, even after his passing. Astonishing!

Having read many books on animal communication, I thought I had an open mind about the depth of animal's thoughts and feeling. But even this did not prepare me to discover the profound level of knowledge and insight that animals wish to impart to us on all levels- emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

It's clear to me that Kali has a rare gift in her connection with animals and her ability to translate their deep experience into our human world. After a session with her, you will never be able to look at your pet, or any other animal, the same way again! You will know in your heart, that animals are not simply here to be our companions, but to be our teachers, healers, and guides in this lifetime. They are simply waiting to be heard. And thanks to Kali's remarkable talents, we now have a translator who is worthy of sharing their important heart-opening messages.

I'm quite sure that Ice is also grateful, knowing that many of his messages have at last been clearly received.

Thank you Kali for giving us the miraculous gift of finally seeing the real Ice and feeling his true impact on our lives, before his passing! We're comforted now, knowing that Ice will always be with us in spirit. We look forward to working with you again!

Dr. Jenn & Greg

You were very accurate today and I appreciate your gift and willingness to share it with us. Can't wait to reconnect with you in a couple of weeks at High Prairie!

Warmest Regards,

L.C. & Ben

Dear Kali,

Thank you so much for opening up the communication between Reb and I.  He brings so much joy to my life! He's a very special creature.

You are blessed with a gift to touch so many in a positive way. Thank you for sharing yourself with Reb and me.

Warm hugs and best wishes to you from Reb and Courtney.  Lots of smiles!

Reb & Courtney

Dear Kali,

"The Horse Listener" A thousand THANK YOU's from myself, Gracie, Hudson, Indy, Jupiter, and Rio!

Working with you has vastly improved every facet of my relationships with my animals...  Not only do they feel so much better after tailoring their individual nutritional plans (addressing ulcers, food sensitivities etc.) and physical limitations which you suggested stretches, massage, and specific exercises and gymnastics to improve performance.

My horses are all happier, healthier, fit, and affectionate knowing that I am more "tuned in" to their needs.  I no longer doubt my ability to hear my animals, and trust my intuition freely.... what a great time we all have! I am consistently asked to help others with their horses and dogs when they see how easy our relationships are. What a life changing experience it has been!

I am ever grateful for your wisdom, inspiration, kindness and compassion!

Sara B.
Durango, CO


Thank you so much for the enlightening lessons, my horse is so much more relaxed and free moving!  You helped bring out the "dancer" in him.

I cant tell you how much I appreciate you coming in and addressing our riding issues from my horse's behalf and working with us together. Collection is so much easier, and every ride feels lighter for both of us!  You changed the typical "push and pull" ride to: listen, understand your horse, ask... and boy do they give!!

I will forever be a better rider by working with you, thanks again!

Megan M.
Denver, CO

Hi Kali,

I really enjoyed talking with you. I think my animals enjoyed it too. Thanks so much for this help!


Thank you so much for your help! I really enjoyed the time we spent talking, and I feel I have a better understanding of where my horses are at right now.

Heather O.

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