Since the Beginning

Like so many, I was born full of love for animals. I have forever been captivated by the freedom of spirit, innate wisdom and integrity that allows them to live so harmoniously in nature and also with humanity. Animals have always been the center of my attention, the subjects for my artwork and the inspiration for my ongoing education.

donkeyMy childhood provided abundant opportunities to cultivate my interests in animals and nature. I grew up riding on my family's beautiful horse breeding farm near Cincinnati, Ohio, swimming in the ocean near my family's home in Narragansett, Rhode Island and exploring forests and meadows in between. My experiences and interactions with horses and other species of domestic and wild critters were plentiful and irreplaceably enriching.

Formal Education and Experience

In high school, my equine vet, knowing I had a gift with animals and a passion for healing, was determined to persuade me to a career in veterinary medicine. With this in my mind, I attended Lake Erie College for two years, before completing my B.S. in Equine Sciences at Colorado State University. Provided with a strong foundation in animal anatomy and physiology as it applies to nutrition and health, I soon became interested in bodywork and stretching, a more natural diet and herbs, as well as alternative therapies for myself and my animals.

waitingDuring the course of my college studies, I supplemented my formal education with practical experience as a riding instructor and trainer of sport horses. I also have extensive experience as a braider for "A" circuit hunters and working as a professional groom to multiple Grand Prix Jumper riders of international caliber, including Olympic Team Gold Medalist, Laura Kraut.

Throughout my life, I have had some exposure to almost every avenue of the equine industry, and I have a substantial amount of knowledge in a few. I've received many compliments for my rapport with horses and I've always been proud of my reputation as a riding instructor. Reflecting on fifteen years of teaching, I can joyfully recall the many times I have responded to a child asking, "What is he saying Now?"

I have always enjoyed analyzing athletic performance and efficiency of riders and their mounts, all the while marveling at the competitive longevity of our equine partners. I admire horses for their enthusiastic interest in their human companions and in their jobs, whatever they may be.

A Holistic Path

life_horse_and_spirit_healerMy experiences, education and an unwavering belief in "energy" led me to further my understanding of health and happiness in new ways. I have always believed that every healing modality has a purpose; however I feel now that some are overused and many are overlooked. As humanity pushes forward, many ancient forms of energy healing are being validated by modern scientific research, and these strongly resonate with my soul.

I originally furthered my training in holistic and alternative therapies with the hope of benefiting my client's sport horses as well as my own. I continued my education in: Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Applied Kinesiology, Herbal Remedies, Natural Diets and Nutritional Alternatives. I have pursued knowledge in Bodywork, Stretching, Acupressure, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Energy Balancing Techniques. I have also been fascinated with learning about essential oils, aroma therapy, the Bach Flowers Essences, crystals and many other subtle-energy therapies.

content_kali_and_mailbuTo my own amazement, these pursuits led to the discovery of my talents and abilities as an animal communicator. I am now blessed with the ability to explore health and life from novel and extraordinary perspectives. The animals easily access the information I have accumulated and constantly inspire me to seek further understanding. I hope that my formal education in traditional sciences, my experience in the equine industry and my love of animals, combined with this new consciousness, will guide me in my work, holistically and compassionately.

Fortunate to have had so many incredible teachers, animal and human alike, I now thrive on sharing my knowledge and expertise. I love working with all species and their human companions, inspiring health and happiness and encouraging communication between friends. Currently, I enjoy living with my faithful dog, clever cats, gentle rabbits and a small herd of magnificent horses and ponies, in a beautiful place called Colorado.

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