Animal Listening Sessions Expectations

exp_hansIt is my pleasure to work with your pets over the phone and I delight in visiting you and your animal companions at your homes, stables, kennels, parties and shows.

One or Many

During any Listening Session, you are always welcome to listen to an unlimited number of your animal companions. You should expect that each of them may want to say something if given the chance and also be aware that some animals prefer not to participate in Listening Sessions. I have had countless sessions working with only one animal for well over an hour and a half, however animal "families" are also very good at sharing the time allowed. These interactions are educational, enjoyable and always entertaining!

Valuable Resources

I strive to provide my clients with suggestions for avenues of exploration that may be beneficial to their personal goals and compatible with their regular training and health care programs. You are always encouraged to ask questions. At the time of your session, I have several books, catalogs and other materials on hand. For links to this valuable information, please see the Resources page.

How does it work?

Energetically, phone sessions and house calls work in the same way. It's easiest for me to describe it as a radio; each of us has our own vibration or channel. With permission, I can tune into those channels and translate what is coming through. Usually it is words, but also, I've just burst into tears or uncontrollable laughter, I'll hear songs, think of movie scenes and quote poetry. I'm highly empathic and experience sudden physical sensations such as pain, itching, tightness, lethargy, hunger, excitement and LOVE.

exp_house_callsIn party-like settings with large crowds, animals tend to talk to the group or they can be reserved in comparison to private settings where they (and you) may feel more comfortable. (Imagine telling a secret or seeing a therapist with a bunch of people around!) Often in these situations, when appropriate, animals will politely dismiss the larger group for a short time.

I always trust your animal companions to be outstandingly respectful and appropriate. I like to keep in mind that their priorities are their prerogative, their unique dispositions and charisma shines brightly. I respect this first and foremost, and I am deeply grateful for every experience and for the learning I receive and am able to share with you.

"It is my intention, through my work, to open the lines of communication between animals and their human companions so that each may be inspired to attain health and happiness in body, mind and spirit." -Kali

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* Information shared during a listening session and any recommendations or suggestions offered are always done so under the assumption that the client has previously consulted their veterinarian or regular health care providers to attain a formal diagnosis. The information provided is not intended to be a replacement for traditional veterinary treatment, or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury. I cannot accept responsibility for the practical application of any suggestions offered. I can however, graciously accept all gratitude.