kali_sammyYour Animal Companions are Always Listening to You!

I have forever been delighted by the clever truth that the word LISTEN is spelled with the same letters as the word SILENT.

Listen ~ To hear with intention and give heed to.
Silent ~ Perfectly quiet and free from sound
or noise, in absolute stillness.

They often know you better than your best friends and offer advice on physical, emotional and spiritual concerns!

  • home_whisperMany animals describe how they feel and make reference to subtle-energy therapies, herbs, and nutritional alternatives. They suggest books and aromas as well as natural remedies, exercises and the Bach Flower Essences.
  • cat_hugPets will speak openly on personal matters, ask questions, give advice, mention Angels and Guides and recommend specific crystals and healing stones!
  • bird_dog_ladyAnimals encourage their human companions to play musical instruments, to mend past relationships, and to ask for help on their homework!
  • boy_dog_on_the_beachThey'll implore you to follow your dreams and if you don't believe them, they'll enthusiastically remind you of what those dreams are... or they'll just ask you to find or replace their favorite toys! (Details & Inspiration are Included!)

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* Information shared during a listening session and any recommendations or suggestions offered are always done so under the assumption that the client has previously consulted their veterinarian or regular health care providers to attain a formal diagnosis. The information provided is not intended to be a replacement for traditional veterinary treatment, or a medical diagnosis for illness or injury. I cannot accept responsibility for the practical application of any suggestions offered. I can however, graciously accept all gratitude.